As you'll see in this book, most of the Java EE 7 Reference to the platform by introducing a simple programming model based on POJO. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7) offers new features that enhance HTML5 support, increase developer productivity, and further improves how. Introducing Java EE 7: A Look at What's New guides you through the new Pages PDF · JavaServer Faces and Facelets. Josh Juneau. Pages PDF.

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    Introducing Java Ee 7 Pdf

    IntroduCtIon xlvi. 6. Click Finish. 7. Go to your file system and copy the . The GlassFish application server is the industry standard for Java EE 7, and there are . Introduction. 4 . Software Requirement This hands- on lab builds a typical 3-tier Java EE 7 Web application that allows customers to. Final Release- 7/31/17 Linda DeMichiel, Bill Shannon Specification: JSR Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 8 Specification .. EE Introduction.

    Here are the pages that got censored, and here is why I am not happy about it. In the introduction pages of my Java EE 7 book I thanked people who helped me in the writing process, and added the following two pages:. The book got published in May , just before the actual Java EE 6 specification was released. I spent the following months touring Java conferences, talking about Java EE 6, giving books away, showing my Portuguese passport to foreign customs and traveling from Paris to San Francisco, Prague, Krakow, London…. No, banality. I am living in a country in which an international banking account, like Visa or MasterCard, is hard to obtain and as I know, the rule is not clarified by law yet. To cover what I have done, I tried to collect some typing problems and give opinions on some parts, hoping that they could be useful for future publications of this book. Though it is less than a month that I have started the book, I felt it would be better to send what I have collected up to now until chapter 9 and send the rest, if any, in future. How would you react to an email like that? The signature of the email was interesting of course: So this unknown smart developer in Iran called Youness downloaded a copy of my book illegally because it was nearly impossible to get a hard copy posted to him. He liked my book so much and felt so guilty that he decided to give me some feedback and corrections. So for weeks Youness sent me pages and pages of reviews.

    Just read the source and make up your mind.

    Goncalves A. Beginning Java EE 7 [PDF] - Все для студента

    I am a Java developer and it happens that, once in a while, I write a book about it. I am a technical guy who writes technical books.

    When I wrote this text it was to thank Youness for his hard work and tell a story. In , an editor felt he had to censor it so he would not create any trouble with international laws and financial issues. On the other hand, I am a free individual who can today avoid such censor. I was talking with my friend Adam Bien who self-publishes his Java books. I will consider self-publication in the future if I decided to write another book. Again, thanks Youness and sorry for all this trouble.

    Hope to tour the streets of Tehran with you in an early future. Books , General. Tagged as: This is exactly the same thing with open source software. I was listening to an RFI reportage where the journalist was travelling to Iran and there he met the most friendly people in the world. Just after landing, he was walking the streets of Teheran and stopped to watch some guys prepare that morning bread. They saw him, invited him into their shop, showed him their craftsmanship and served him without wanting anything in return.

    Worse than that. I posted my Java EE 6 book to Youness… he never received it. Although a nice printed book would be best reading experience, I think only an electronic copy can get through.

    HI Antonio, thank you for this great story about sharing and making people exchanging together. The only issue is injustice, unfairness, inequity.

    Thank you for denouncing injustice. And that is the lowest degree of faith. This was a great article. I know the tech community in Iran is expanding, especially the open source community.

    There have already been a PyCon and a few DrupalCamps. I know the tech community in Iran is expanding fast. You are commenting using your WordPress.

    10 Free Java Programing Books for beginners - download, pdf and HTML

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    Notify me of new comments via email. Share this: Like this: Like Loading Books , General Tagged as: Thank you for writing this Antonio. Youness sounds like a cool guy, an honorable man….

    Very nice history; I specially liked chen he asked you forgiveness …. Great write-up Antonio. This kind of anecdote worth being shared with the world we live in. Keep up the good work! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Name required.

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    Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You can get a copy of a book illegally, watch free hard porn videos or read the best free encyclopedia, thanks to crowd sourcing. I am not the one to judge what is good or bad anyway.

    I just want to thank the Internet for this magic communication channel it has become. So no matter how bad I think the Internet could go, I will always remember this virtual meeting I had with Youness four years ago. Who is Youness? In which Google Circle should I add him?

    The Uncensored Java EE 7 Book

    When my editor read this text, he just deleted it without informing me. Weeks later, when I was reviewing the final chapters, I noticed that a couple of pages were missing. I asked my editor what had happened and received the following : The main problem with the anecdote, though well-intentioned, was that it seemed to condone piracy which we spend a lot of money trying to combat. I would never have thought that my Java book could be part of such censorship.

    History has shown that censorship is the best way to alienate people. Piracy Another issue about this text was piracy. It is a very difficult topic. I am an author, I spent months of very hard work writing a book, taking literally months off work, with no incomes and putting myself into a difficult financial situation.

    Piracy is, indeed, something to blame. But how do we address that? The world is getting more complex, with more connected people… meaning editors will have to spend even more money chasing piracy. So, the model is not right. Chasing piracy is a very short term view on edition, in particular, but also on the financial model of the internet.

    Authors do not earn a lot. So yes, maybe the entire model is broken. Connected people use social medias to go on strikes, make revolution…. Well, guess what, we might not need you in the near future.

    Why read a journalist article when you know that he was not allowed to go near the hotspots and just re-uses other people information? Why read a book when you know the editor had to censor parts of it?

    Just read the source and make up your mind. Conclusion I am a Java developer and it happens that, once in a while, I write a book about it. I am a technical guy who writes technical books. When I wrote this text it was to thank Youness for his hard work and tell a story. In , an editor felt he had to censor it so he would not create any trouble with international laws and financial issues.